‘Proving Innocence’ Podcast, Episode 1: A Club Becomes a Class

Author: Brendan O'Shaughnessy

Elliotslosar Fall2020

The first episode of the “Proving Innocence” podcast traces the origins of the Exoneration Justice Clinic’s rapid growth over the last four years. It began as a student volunteer club in 2016 with some awareness and advocacy events.

The students launched into action after a visit from Keith Cooper, the only person in Indiana history to receive a governor’s pardon based on actual innocence, and his attorney, Elliot Slosar. They focused their legal assistance on Slosar’s cases in Elkhart, Indiana, a city about a half-hour from Notre Dame’s campus. After recruiting faculty member Jimmy Gurulé, their efforts turned into a class and this year into the University’s sixth legal clinic.

Club founder and first president Tia Paulette guides listeners through this evolution.