‘Proving Innocence’ Podcast, Episode 5: No Evidence, No Hope

Author: Brendan O'Shaughnessy

Irisseabolt 11

Iris Seabolt was convicted of felony murder in 2004 and sentenced to 45 years in prison. Prosecutors did not accuse her of killing restaurant owner A.J. Williams, but claim she was the female lure in an intended robbery that ended in murder.

The police presented no physical evidence at all in her trial. Instead, a series of witnesses claimed they heard Seabolt admit her guilt. Seabolt lost hope, so she took a plea deal. All those witnesses have since recanted, saying they were coerced into lying by a corrupt and disgraced police officer.

In episode five of “Proving Innocence,” Seabolt team leader Mary Rofaeil ’21 J.D. guides us through the case as the students race to exonerate Seabolt before her prison term ends next year.